Premier League club to bring one of Argentina's two goalkeepers to the

Arsenal 's Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has been widely praised for his outstanding performances this past season. His performance against Chelsea in the FA Cup final was well received. But the star's future is not so bright. Often the player has fewer opportunities on the Arsenal team. Martinez was sent off last season after Arsenal 's first goalkeeper Leno was injured.However, coach Arteta has openly stated that he will consider the player as the first keeper as his injury has healed. With this, Emiliano Martinez threatened to leave the club. He said he deserved the position of first goalkeeper and would consider leaving the club. Following this, Premier League club Aston Villa have come on the scene for the player. But Arsenal are seeking 20 million for the player.

It is doubtful whether Aston Villa will be willing to pay this amount. But Aston Villa could spend this much if they need a goalkeeper. Tom Heaton, currently the Aston Villa goalkeeper, is constantly sidelined with an injury. This is why. Aston Villa are looking for another great keeper. At the same time, there were rumors that Leeds United and Schalke were on the scene for Martinez.

Villa are eyeing another Argentine goalkeeper, Sergio Romero, if they do not get Martinez. United's keeper Romero's chances are slim. The return of Dean Henderson as the second goalkeeper was also a setback for Romero. With this, Romero decided to leave the club. Aston Villa are hoping to bring Romero into the squad with consistent performances.