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What we can learn from sports icons

Roger Federer

The Tennis Superstar We All Wish We Were: What we can learn from Federer. It’s no surprise that people love Roger Federer. If you watched his first-round match at Wimbledon last week, you saw what all of us have seen over and over again over more than a decade: The man is smooth.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

I used to sleep 12 hours. Karl Pilkington: What did you do all day? Zlatan Ibrahimović: I was sleeping! It is not difficult to imagine what life would be like if we slept for twelve hours every night. Our dreams would be more vivid and lucid, and we'd feel refreshed in ways we can't now imagine.

Kevin Durant

On New Team, He Wants No Part of Label of Boring Player : For Kevin Durant, there is more value in being efficient than being exciting. Mr. Durant, who joined Golden State as a free agent last summer and has helped turn around its season, said he would rather be boring and win games than put up big numbers that would not result in victories. If you love basketball, if you really love it, then I don't think anyone can ever say my game is boring, Mr.

Dwayne Wade

Make sure you say it to your partner first. NBA star Dwayne Wade says he wakes up his wife and two kids before turning in himself. He said: 'I will literally be in my bed about to go asleep, and I'll get up, and I'll start kissing them.' Dwayne is married with two sons from his previous marriage, Zaire and Zion Jr, who are both five.

Usain Bolt

The 8-hour Secret? : Sleeping eight hours may be easier said than done, but it’s an important factor in successful weight loss. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body has less energy and strength during workouts; you might think you can squeeze in a quick workout before or after work, but as soon as your head hits that pillow, everything is out of focus.

Rory McIlroy

First, make sure you have a very comfortable mattress. I really like memory foam. Next, if you can, try and sleep when it’s dark outside; that way your body doesn’t know when it should be waking up. Finally, set your alarm for at least seven hours before you need to get up; that way you don’t oversleep and feel groggy all day long.